Board Members & Committees

2019-2020 Board Members

President: Jody Fisher,

Vice President: Open

Secretary: Lisa Sealey,

Treasurer: Sue Yandell,

Past Officer: Anne Velosa,

Freshman Parent Representative: Jan Gardlund,


Band: Rusty Orvik,

Choir: Lori Zaugra,

Jazz: Beth Solinsky,

Orchestra: Open

Communications Committee

Chairperson: Elizabeth Spilotro,

Equipment Committee

Chairperson: Edward Seright,

Fundraising Committee

Chairperson: Jeanie Kartchner,

Refreshment Committee

Chairperson: Shani Hunter,

Scholarship Committee

Chairperson: Open,

Uniforms Committee

Chairperson: Molly Lamb,


Supporting all music ensembles by sharing our talents and time



Preside over all meetings of the Board and maintain order. Has co- signer authority on any checks issued. Serves as a liaison to the Director(s), acting on behalf of the Director(s) as requested. Serves as a liaison to the School Administrator. Serves as a liaison to other organizations. Acts as an ex-officio member of all committees. Appoints committees and chairs and directs their activities. Forms temporary committees as needed.

Vice President

Performs the duties of the President in his/her absence. Has co-signer authority on any checks issued. Assists and serves as a liaison to all committee chairs. Assists the Secretary, during the General meeting, with signing-in and voting.


Keeps the accounts of the Boosters Organization. Collects, deposits and disburses monies, as necessary and designated by the Board. Collects and issues receipts for money received and disbursed. Maintains the savings and/or checking accounts for the Organization, as necessary. Has co-signer authority on any checks issued. Maintains receipt books, checkbooks, and accurate records in accordance with good bookkeeping practices. Presents monthly written financial statements to the Board. Prepares Annual Tax and Annual Corporation Commission reports in June. Works with President for Budget Planning meeting in July.


Keeps an accurate record of the Corporate Documents. Keeps an accurate record of all meetings. Distributes minutes of the previous and past General and Board meetings as requested, to include but not limited to roll call, presentations and reports. Is responsible for recording the votes at all meetings. Develops all necessary forms and supplies as requested by the Board.

Past Officer

Has co-signer authority on any checks issued, as deemed necessary by the Board. Is a source of the history of the Boosters roles and actions. Assists the President in maintaining order and keeping the Booster meetings on schedule.

Freshman Liaison

Serves as a liaison to families with incoming and current freshmen students. Ensures clear communications to and from the Director(s) in regards to upcoming band/music activities. This includes trips, at school band/music events, fundraising, and serving on committees.

Members At Large (Band, Orchestra, Jazz, Choir)

Serve as liaisons between music ensembles and the Board. Help coordinate joint activities with their prospective ensembles.

Communications Committee

Establishes and maintains social media, including the monitoring of posts and tags. Maintains a contact list of individuals that have agreed to be added to the list for communication purposes. Issues e-mails, letters and other forms of communication as requested. Assists in the recruiting and scheduling of volunteers for all committees.

Equipment Committee

Establish and coordinate transportation and return of equipment for Band/Music events with the Director(s) and his/her staff. Construct and maintain necessary equipment for moving and/or storing band instruments and other equipment. Provide set up/tear down assistance to the Director(s), Band, and Music as needed.

Fundraising Committee

Seek out, schedule, and coordinate fundraising events for the Boosters, with Board approval. Coordinate with the Treasurer as appropriate for any pass-through account activity.

Refreshment Committee

Coordinate and/or provide food/drinks for the Band/Music Program events, as required. This includes but is not limited to: Camps, Concerts, football games, basketball games, trips, musical competitions, Guard and Indoor Percussion events. Act as Chairperson and be responsible for creating a committee to plan and execute the year-end May Banquet.

Scholarship Committee

Update, release and advertise the Nathan Hubble "Impact of One" Scholarship application and peer nomination forms. Review and update scholarship selection criteria, as needed. Seek out, schedule, and coordinate the Scholarship Selection Committee to include (1) TVHS Administrator, (2) TVHS teachers, the Scholarship Chair, the TVBBC president, and a representative from the Nowacki-Hubble family. Should a Selection Committee member have a family member eligible to apply for the scholarship, a suitable alternate member should be appointed. Collate applicant, director(s), and peer data for Selection Committee review. Solicit scholarship donations by letter and/or directly from donors, as deemed necessary by current board.

Uniform Committee

Measure and fit students for Band uniforms and facilitate periodic, professional cleaning and repair of same. Establish and maintain an accurate written inventory of items assigned to each student. Serve as a liaison to the Director(s) when additional school uniforms, in whole or part, are needed. Ensure all uniform accessories are available at all events and are collected at the end of an event and are accounted for.