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Music Program Donations

Band Fund

A band program, one that encompasses marching and concert seasons and a jazz band, always has a need for equipment, storage, and music. Past donations have allowed us to purchase drum slips, jazz music, and mallets.

Choir Fund

To develop our show choir to their full potential, interesting and challenging music is a necessity.

Orchestra Fund

A broad range of music is required to grow our orchestra program, which includes the symphonic orchestra. Previous donations gave the program violin, cello, and bass mutes.

Nathan Hubble "Impact of One" Scholarship

In response to community request, the Tanque Verde Band Booster Club has worked to create the opportunity to support your favorite band program and graduating seniors!

Families and community members who wish to match (up to $500) the funds raised by the Tanque Verde Band and TVBBC for the Nathan Hubble “Impact of One” Scholarship can now do so! Funds received for the scholarship will be held in reserve for the scholarship award.

The Nathan Hubble “Impact of One” Memorial Band Scholarship was first awarded at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. The scholarship was established in memory of Nathan Hubble, a talented saxophone player and section leader in the Tanque Verde High School Band. Nathan’s exceptional qualities as a thoughtful mentor and positive role model impacted many of his peers and underclassmen in band and throughout the Tanque Verde community.

Eligible seniors, those who will enroll in an accredited college or vocational program in the Fall semester following their graduation, are asked to write an essay about the advantages of participating in their high school music program and how it has prepared them for their college and career goals. Recipients of the “Impact of One” Scholarship will be selected by a committee including TVHS staff and community representatives.