Shoe Drive

Update for school year 2019-2020

We are collecting shoes all year round!

If you have any shoes to donate, contact for a pickup!

Here's a fundraiser that doesn't require you to purchase an item, helps you clean out your closet, and benefits TVBBC and micro-industries in developing communities. What is it you ask?

A Shoe Collection Drive!

The drive works similar to a used clothing drive, in that gently worn, used, and new items are collected and the fundraising company pays the collecting organization for collecting the items. The shoes will be re-purposed and sent to countries like Ghana, Ukraine and Haiti. The people in these countries will be trained to become micro-entrepreneurs, thus giving them a source of income to feed their families.

TVBBC will manage the collection of donated shoes and transfer them to the fundraising company.

Our goal is to collect more than 2500 pairs of shoes.

Our collection boxes will be available in February 1-April 1, 2010.

Collection Sites:

  • Agua Caliente Elementary School (ACES)
  • Tanque Verde Elementary School (TVES)
  • Emily Gray Junior High School (EGJHS)
  • Tanque Verde High School (TVHS)
  • Pizza Hut @ Tanque Verde & Bear Canyon (Get 15% off your food purchase with your donation!)
  • Long Realty @ Tanqeu Verde & Catalina Hwy (Safeway Plaza)
  • La Mariposa Sports Club @ Houghton & Speedway

How can you get involved?

  • Bring your gently used, outdated, still wearable shoes to a collection bin near you. All styles and sizes are accepted as long as the sole is intact with no holes!

If they are so worn you wouldn’t give them to a friend, then we can’t use them as part of our collection drive. Please see the picture below for additional clarification.

  • Ask you friends and family for their shoes and deliver them to a collection bin.
  • If you are out and about and notice a yard sale, ask if they are willing to donate the shoes they don't sell to our collection drive.

Proceeds to be used for TVBBC Music Department and TVBBC operating expenses.

In case you were wondering...

Our long term funding goals include, but are not limited to TVHS Music Program equipment/instrument purchases, equipment transportation (trailer rental or possible purchase depending on district guidance) for away marching band events, scholarships, and uniform replacement. Our spending goals will be developed in collaboration with Mr. Johnson, TVHS Music Program Director, based on the music program needs and gap assessment with site and district administration.