Marching Band Festival FAQ

New to Marching Band Festivals? Here is a short FAQ to get you started.

What is a Marching Band Festival?

It’s an event in which local high school marching bands perform their marching shows for the event audience and a panel of adjudicators. At the end of the event, bands receive ratings based on the execution of their show; the drum majors will accept any recognitions on behalf of the band at the event. Mr. Johnson will also receive comments from the adjudicators that the band will use to improve their marching technique, general effects, and musicality.

What is AZMBA? What is ABODA?

AZMBA (Arizona Marching Band Association) and ABODA (Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association) are the two organizations that put on marching festivals in the state of Arizona. Both groups host their own festivals throughout the state, and each have their own state championship. Tanque Verde attends mostly AZMBA events, but not exclusively.

Can parents go?

Absolutely! Friends and family are encouraged to attend.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends. Some festivals charge an entrance fee (it does cost the host school time and resources to host).

Will there be food?

Many festivals also include a snack bar and/or food trucks so audience members and band members may purchase food and drink. Students are encouraged to bring cash for dinner.

How long is it?

Usually a full day, as many bands are scheduled throughout the event. The event ends after the ratings are announced, usually at an evening awards ceremony.

The band needs to depart from TVHS with all their equipment with plenty of time to park, unload, and reassemble as a group at the performance venue prior to our warm-up, usually in a gym or courtyard area. After warm-up time, the band will perform on the field. Depending on scheduling and weather, the band will either return to the buses to shed jackets and equipment, or will proceed directly to the stands to watch the rest of the bands perform until the awards ceremony. Most AZMBA events are scheduled around a 9:30 pm awards ceremony.

Where will it be?

The event is held at the hosting school's football field. Seating is in the bleachers.

What do I need to bring?

Your support for The Pride of Tanque Verde Marching Band and a willingness to be entertained. A bit of patience may come in handy as no event or schedule goes exactly to plan. Also, the event is managed by volunteers, parents just like us, so a smile and a few Thank You’s wouldn’t go amiss. If you you plan to watch multiple bands, it’s recommended that you bring adequate sun protection and a padded seat.

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